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Travel Terms

Urlaub- Radfahren

General Terms and Conditions

(General Terms and Conditions)


Flight costs are NOT included in trip prices. Note: Airline fares typically increase around Easter. We try our best to find the most affordable flights that meet your needs. We can offer you flights from any airport on any date. We act as an intermediary party for flight bookings. Flight times are non-binding and subject to change. Bike transport fees on flights can cost up to 200 EUR / 250 CHF.



We will collect you and provide the fastest transfer to the hotel. Airport transfers are only available for Philipps Bike Team guests. Advanced booking is required; delayed booking and on-site payment are not possible.


Philipps Bike Team Transfer PER Person

Santa Ponca

         With Flight

       W/O FLIGHT





1 Pers. (EUR / CHF)

  47 / 55

 67 / 78

  67 / 78

 87 / 101

2 PPL. (EUR / CHF)

  35 / 41

 55 / 64

  55 / 64

 75 / 87

3 PPL. OR MORE (EUR / CHF)     32 / 38  52 / 61   52 / 61

 72 / 84



Playa de Palma Hotel Shuttle PER Person

Playa de Palma

         WITH FLIGHT

       W/O FLIGHT





PER. Pers. (EUR / CHF)

    19 / 23

 39 / 46

  39 / 46

 59 / 69


Alcudia is included in the trip price. Bike transport to Alcúdia is EUR 40 / CHF 47



  • Booking rides without participating in guided tours 60 EUR / 70 CHF per week
  • If you decide this on-site up to one day after your arrival at the latest, you will get a shop voucher for 35 EUR / 40 CHF


  • Additional guests who are not cycling
    February 9th – March 23rd, 2019 100 EUR / 116 CHF
    March 23rd – June 2nd, 2019 140 EUR / 162 CHF
    September 07th – November 3rd, 2019 100 EUR / 116 CHF
  • Day extension 5 EUR / 6 CHF
  • Group discounts may be available upon request
  • Pre-booking discount available from 1 week in advance, see price table



  • Contract fee 10 EUR / 20 CHF per person
  • Up to a 4-day stay in Sentido Punta del Mar or Iberostar Jardin del Sol 15 EUR / 18 CHF per person, per day


  • Rebooking fee (not including flight) 30 EUR / 35 CHF per person
  • Including flight (where possible) 120 EUR / 140 CHF per person



We strongly recommend arranging trip cancellation insurance, luggage insurance and travel insurance. Your money is secured by tourVers.



  • At booking: 20% deposit due per person

If you book via our travel office, the deposit is due within 7 days of receiving the travel confirmation / invoice. The remainder is due 30 days before the start of the trip.

  • Rental bike booking: 100% immediate online payment. If you book via our travel office, the full amount is due within 7 days of receiving the travel confirmation / invoice.



The customer may cancel at any point prior to the start of the trip. They must communicate their desire to cancel in writing. If the customer fails to start the trip, we reserve the right to claim reasonable compensation for any travel arrangements made, including the cost of cancellation and any expenses incurred. In calculating compensation, we take into account missed alternative opportunities and related expenses. The customer is entitled to provide evidence that the costs we incurred were lower than the amounts listed below. The total amount of compensation depends on the overall cost of the trip.


The cancellation fee per customer and trip is calculated as follows​:

  • 30% up to 30 days prior to the trip start date
  • 35% from 29 to 22 days prior to the trip start date
  • 40% from 21 to 15 days prior to the trip start date
  • 60% from 14 to 8 days prior to the trip start date
  • 75% from 7 days prior to the trip start date
  • 85% from the trip start date or in cases of non-attendance or cancellation after the trip has already begun

Flight bookings are subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant airline. Note: Rebooking and cancellation fees are often 100% of the total ticket cost.



Philipps Bike Team is the exclusive cycling partner of SENTIDO Punta del Mar Hotel and IBEROSTAR Suites Jardín del Sol.
It is not possible to book into these hotels with your own bike or rental bike without a service package. The service package is obligatory and included in the hotel prices.
All bikes must be stored in the designated cycle storage facility. You are not permitted to keep bikes in your room or other hotel areas. 
Philipps Bike Team’s contractual liability for damages (not including bodily injury) is limited to three times the trip price. The following conditions apply: a) The damage must not be intentional or due to gross negligence, b) Philips Bike Team is only responsible for damage caused to the traveller by fault of the service provider.
Philipps Bike Team’s tortious liability for property damage that was not caused intentionally or due to gross negligence is limited to three times the trip price. This limit is per traveller, per trip. 
Travellers are responsible for informing themselves of infection prevention, vaccine requirements and other prophylactic measures in a timely manner by contacting relevant authorities (e.g., doctors, health insurers and medical information services).





Service provider: Philipps Bike Point Team Reise-Organisations GmbH
Please contact our travel office if you have any questions or concerns.