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Perfect for holidaymakers from el arenal and can pastilla Playa de palma bike rental

Professional-grade road bike hire

South Mallorca is famous for Playa de Palma, a 6km-long white sandy beach stretching between El Arenal and Can Pastilla. Road bike aficionados flock here in the winter months to clock their first flat training rides of the year. 

It’s also a popular location for professional cycling teams to get in shape for the upcoming season.

There are numerous coastal and inland rides. The first climb up Puig de Randa is some 15 to 25km away, depending on your route.



Typ 5

DRAG Celerra Disc Di2
Carbon (11-34)

Typ 5 - Drag Celerra Disc Brake Di2
Price per week
from 145 €

Typ 13

BH E-Bike
Core Race

BH Core Race (E-Bike)
Price per week
from 225 € / 257 CHF

Typ 1

BH Aero G7 Disc Ulegra DI2
Carbon (11-32)

Type 1 - 2019
Price per week
From 180 €

Typ 9

BH Aero Ultegra DI2
Carbon (11-28)

Type 9 - 2019
Price per week
from 140 €

Typ 2

BH Quartz Ultegra
Carbon (11-34)

Price per week
From 120 €

Typ 3

Carbon (11-34)

Type 3 - 2019
Price per week
From 125 €

Typ 10

BH Quartz Ultegra
Carbon (11-28)

Typ 10 BH Quartz Ultegra
Price per week
From 100 €

Typ 6


Type 6 - 2019
Price per week
From 85 €

Typ 7

Crossway XT Edition
lady / man (11-34)

Price per week
From 70 €

Typ 11

Rebel E-Bike
gentlemen / ladies (11-36)

Price per week
From 125 €

Typ 12

Rebel Diamond Wave E-Bike
Lady / Man (11-36)

Rebel Diamond Wave
Price per week
from 125 € / 143 CHF
Unfortunately we can not take into account color requests within the respective type.

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...or contact us Mon.-Fri. 09:00am - 4:00pm


Phone (Germany): +49 (0) 521 55 77 11 0

Phone (Switzerland): +41 (0) 43 333 8080

Discover more on two wheels

From long rides to steep climbs, you can see more of what Mallorca has to offer on one of our electric bikes.
The best part? The electric motor compensates for differences in speed and power within groups or couples, meaning everyone can enjoy touring together.

How to find us

Hotel Golden Playa


Carrer de Marbella

14, 07610, Mallorca

Balearic Islands, Spain

GooglE Map


Opening hours

until 31. Mai 2020 and 6. September to 30. Oktober 2020

daily (Monday to Sunday, except Saturday)

09:00am to 1:00pm and 3:00 to 6:00pm

Samstag 09:00am to 6:00pm


from 1. Juni to 5. September 2020

daily (Monday to Sunday)

09:00 to 12:00am and 5:00 to 6:00pm 


For questions and booking information

Mobile: +34 670 470 573


Hotel HM Ayron Park


Calle Trasimeno, 7

07600 Playa de Palma

Baleares, Spain

Google Map


Opening times

Open all year round since December 1st, 2019.

daily (Monday to Sunday)

09:00 to 12:30am and 4:00 to 6:00pm

Saturday 09:00am - 6:00pm


For questions and booking information

Mobile: +34 664 254 866


Radverleih Hotel Iberostar CristinaRadverleih Hotel Iberostar Cristina

Playa de palma bike hire

We are located in Hotel Golden Playa and Hotel Ayron Park. We have 450 bicycles for hire, three workshop stands, two tyre pumping stations with compressors and hand pumps as well as a small shop.

At your service

Our team in Playa de Palma handles all rentals and deliveries with great passion.


Holidays without the stress: We deliver your bike to your accommodation.


Prices (according to delivery zones)

  • Zone 1: EUR 30
  • Zone 2: EUR 50
  • Zone 3: EUR 75
  • Zone 4: EUR 110

Discount on delivery surcharge

  • 2 bikes → 15%
  • 3 bikes → 35%
  • 4 bikes → 50%

Tailor fit bike

Skip the wait and collect your tailor fit bike: give us the measurements for your bike when placing your booking.

Surcharge: EUR 15.
A: Point of saddle – Centre of handlebars
B: Centre of handlebars – Ground
C: Top of saddle – Bottom bracket centre


Pedal systems
  • LOOK
  • SPD
  • SPD-SL
  • combi-pedals
  • normal pedals


Andere Pedalsysteme bitte mitbringen.

  • GPS (from EUR 15 per week)

  • Small lock (EUR 5 deposit)

  • Helmet (EUR 6 per week)

  • Bicycle insurance (from EUR 17 per week)


  • Small pump

  • Tube bag with replacement tube, tyre lever

  • Bike computer