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Discover Mallorca for YourselfHotel + Bike

Freedom on a road bike

Bike tours on Mallorca - just the way you want them: Ride as fast as you want to. Take a break when and where you want to. Discover the treasures of the island, places that most tourists never see. Ideally, on one of our high quality rental bikes and using our selected hotels as a base.



for bookings hotel + bike rental: -30 EUR

(for bookings for the spring season 2020 issued prior to 31.12.19).


Our hotels in directly next to the beach with the very best tourist infrastructure. This is the perfect place to set off on wonderful tours of the flat and undulating terrain of Mallorca.


Playa Esperanza


Viva Eden Lago

Playa de Palma

Ayron Park

Playa de Palma
HSM Golden Playa

Playa Esperanza
Playa Esperanza

Comfort and exclusive service

A workshop, bike shop and rentals are located just metres away from the hotel. A la Carte service means you organise your own cycling holiday.
Minimum stay: 1 day

Viva Eden Lago
Viva Eden Lago

The sport hotel

The 4-star hotel is located in a desirable location just 300m from Alcudia Bay.
Minimum stay: 3 days

Ayron Park (Playa de Palma)
Ayron Park

For families, couples and friends

The hotel for an unforgettable holiday in Mallorca.

HSM Golden Playa (Playa de Palma)
Golden Playa (Playa de Palma)

Small, family hotel

The Golden Playa is located in the first line of the Playa de Palma, a resort very popular with tourists.

Let the landscape inspire you as you follow your very own rhythm.


Philipp Egli